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Wonder Woman 1984: The Good, The Bad and The Problematic | SIDEBAR FOREVER

January 4, 2021
As previously announced by Warner Bros, "Wonder Woman 1984" hit theaters and HBO Max on Christmas Day. Stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine with director Patty Jenkins are back with more adventures of our favorite Amazon, along with Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal as the big bads in the movie.

Early reviews are lukewarm at best and we understand why. The sequel has problems that the 2017 original film did not. The runtime, pacing, confusing plot points and character motivations – there’s a lot to unpack. 

Thus, Dwight and Swain are here with their podcast review. And hey, it ain't all bad. Kristen Wiig is terrific as the brilliant but awkward Dr. Barbara Minerva (aka Cheetah), and there's a mid-credits easter egg that will make you stand up and cheer.
Spoilers abound on the episode, so you've been warned. Thanks for listening.
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